Sunday, January 9, 2011

Premium Beautiful Corset Promotion!!

It's been a long while since i posted here. I'm still here, but busy with life and stuff but yes, i'm still selling this :)

There's a new promotion for CNY! !!!

For size XS - L - Price is RM2000
For XL - %XL - Price is RM2200

Email me if you are interested. Happy to answer any enquiries :)

Updates about my weight. it's now at 55kg. I'm happy it has reached this point. I never thought i could lose any more kilos after i reached a stagnant weight of 59kg for so long. you have no idea how hard was it for me to lose beyond 59kg but it was darn difficult. But yes, it can be done, after i wore the PB of course ! :)

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